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Before us

The client is a prominent migration agency based in Melbourne, Australia. They had previously been collaborating with another agency to handle their marketing campaigns. However, due to dissatisfaction with the results, they sought out our expertise to revamp their advertising strategies and generate better outcomes.


The primary goal was to increase lead generation & establish a strong brand online.


We launched a series of targeted social media campaigns, specific to their targeted audience across multiple platforms.


The screenshot below shows the result the other marketing agency was able to bring in during the month of May 2022. The cost per lead was as high as $25.27 for the “C” campaign, bringing a total of 37 leads.

With us

With our creatives & content, the initial cost per lead of $25.27 for the “C” campaign was successfully lowered to $6.10 through our revamped strategies. That is a whopping 75.85% reduction!


Our social media campaigns and content marketing initiatives led to a substantial surge in messaging conversations started across online platforms.


We secured 61 leads for the “C” campaign at $6.10 per lead, surpassing the previous agency’s 37 leads at $25.27 each. Our approach yielded greater results and cost efficiency.


There was a significant enhancement in the agency’s online prominence and brand recognition within the international student community in Melbourne.